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Ceramic Engine Protector

XERAMIC Ceramic coating
After long and costly trials, it has managed the technicians of Petro Mark, produce a unique product to protect your engine. XERAMIC brings a significant saving in fuel consumption, noise reduction, increased engine life, less oil consumption, more power and less emissions.

XERAMIC contains microscopically small ceramic particles (0.2 microns) which are introduced by using a high-quality oil as a carrier material into the inside of your engine. There, sit down, the ceramic particles are solid in all areas where there is frictional contact. The extremely small, polar, soft - ceramic particles stick to the hot engine parts. The effect remains stable up to about 1000°C and thus a low unmatched friction. Our special ceramic compared to Teflon is considered the material with the lowest friction factor, so it is able to lift up to 90% of the friction in the engine.

XERAMIC is not a fuel additive which will be introduced at every oil change with the needs, but a lasting engine protection (for about 70,000 km).

We have used the product itself in a Golf TDI PD 150 bhp and a Porsche 993 Turbo and were really surprised about the success.
The engines run much silkier and the valve has become much quieter.
The extra power will not notice it necessarily, but can measure it on the dynamometer.
Ceramic Engine Protector

More power and more torque, up to 8% less fuel consumption, up to about 50% less oil consumption, about 10% lower oil temperature, about 2-3 decibels quieter engine operation, up to 30% less harmful emissions. Much better cold start characteristics.

Price: 54,00 Euro incl 19% VAT, plus shipping.

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